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The background of Green Cats' brand birth was given by the CEO, who was in another education business at the time, and his child was interested in commercializing the cat character through storytelling. The main target audience and area had plans to expand their business extensively, including golf wear, golf supplies, pansy products, character products, and animal rights groups, and they went through a lot of sketches to produce symbols and typefaces to express them. As a result, the cat symbol with luxuriousness, beauty, and character last name was drawn in a minimal way, and the font was inspired by the cat's soft tail and expressed the feeling that the tail was curled up. And Green means "beautiful rest," Green ribbon means "animal protection and love," and many people have built a concept to cherish and love life.

Brand identity combined with storytelling, Green Cats

The background of the brand creation of Green Cats was that the CEO, who was running another education business at the time, gave a brand production request, and it was meaningful that his child made a logo of a cat character through storytelling and commercialized it. The main target groups and areas are  golf wear, golf equipment,  fancy products, character goods, animal protection groups, etc. There was a   that went through a lot of sketch work to create a symbol and typeface that could express it. As a result, a cat symbol with luxury, beauty, and character was derived in a minimal way, and the typeface was inspired by the soft tail of a cat to express the feeling of a curled up tail. And Green means 'beautiful rest' and green ribbon means 'animal protection and love', and many people have built the concept of loving and preserving the dignity of life.

Green Cats

BX/BI Guideline Design

Client.   Green Cats

Executive Director.   CEO. Baek-Okhui
Creative Director.   Kang doeun

Year.   2018

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