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Client: DX Code
Date: 2023 - 2024

Key Summary

- Mental care services through artificial intelligence.

- Building an identity for global branding.

- Korea 'Venture Enterprise' Certified Company

- 2024 Asia Design Prize 'Winner'

Brand essence & value

Concept & design keywords

Symbol design

Logo-type design

Signature design

Brand color system

Motive design

Pattern design

Graphic design

Application design

Brand guidelines

By. Design Astrein®



Recently, many people are threatened by various stresses due to social problems, issues, and pandemics that are occurring all over the world. Therefore, not only young people but also the elderly are feeling mental depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts, and they are looking for help to solve their fundamental problems. In response, 'XITST' is a company that aims to solve sustainable problems through artificial intelligence AI for psychological counseling and coaching and contents provided by experts that can fundamentally solve various problems that people are experiencing.

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