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Client: itmBros
Date: 2023 - 2024

Key Summary

- The world's best complex cultural space for dogs.

- Building a global brand with credibility.

- 2024 Asia Design Prize 'Winner'

Brand essence & value

Concept & design keywords

Symbol design

Logo-type design

Signature design

Brand color system

Motive design

Pattern design

Graphic design

Application design

Brand guidelines

By. Design Astrein®



The project has been selected as a project site and a budget of 30 billion won through several investors and host construction companies. However, the host construction company and business executives were convinced that before building the space, they needed the naming and image to symbolize the pet healing center. Therefore, we have confirmed the name and logo of 'TailsPark', which integrates 40-50 spaces through meetings and considerations for about 4 months.

(Hotels, swimming pools, hospitals, convenience facilities, parking lots, parks, and cultural spaces where 200 households of pets and dogs can stay are confirmed.)

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