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Seorae Village

BX / BI Guide System / Public Design

The stream (Banpo Stream) in front of a village in Seocho-gu, Seoul, has been called Seorae Village from the past to the present. After the transfer of the French school in 1985, the area was designated as a residential area for French residents (based on 2014/40% of French), which is also known as Petit France in Seoul, and has become known as a famous place and hot place in Seoul due to the increasing number of Japanese, Korean restaurants, and coffee shops. However, according to the recent commercial rights analysis and status survey, the identity of the existing differentiated village has become increasingly ambiguous due to changes in the floating population and changes in the shopping and restaurant industries, thus establishing an identity from the perspective of new regeneration projects and integrated branding.

Seoul Petite France, rebranding

Since the creek (Banpocheoni) in front of a village in Seocho-gu, Seoul flows through frost and frost, it has been called 'Seorae Village' from the past to the present.

After relocating to a French school in 1985, it has established itself as a residential area with a high concentration of French (as of 2014, 40% French), and is also called 'Petite France' in Seoul. became known. However, as a result of recent commercial district analysis and current status survey, the identity of the existing differentiated village has become increasingly vague due to changes in floating population and changes in shopping malls and restaurants, thereby establishing an identity from the point of view of a new regeneration project and simultaneous integrated branding.

Target site status analysis and brand strategy

As a result of the commercial district analysis of the project site, the commercial district evaluation index rose by 1.52% from the previous month, from 59.2 points to 60.1 points out of 100 points .

In the floating population analysis, '06 - 12 o'clock' is the most active, followed by '15:00 - 18:00' as the highest. In addition, as a result of analysis of the ratio according to gender/age, 58.6% of men and 41.4% of women were surveyed. The highest age was in their 40s and 60s, followed by those in their 30s and 50s. In particular, these results suggest that the ratio of teens (4.0%) and 20s (11.8%) in the target area   is low, and in the analysis by day of the week, 21.4% on weekends and weekdays It can be seen that the floating population is concentrated at 78.7%  during weekdays, Mon (9.3%), Tue (14.6%), Wed (15.6%), Thu (17.3%), Analyzed on Friday (17.7%) and Saturday (12.1%).  Summarizing the analysis results, the price of the target site is relatively high compared to other areas, so the age group is high and the use rate is high during the week. It was. In other words,   Although it has been converted from an existing residential area to a commercial district, the essence is a residential area. We can see that there are many customers who want to enjoy . Through this, the concept and slogan of “a village where you want to stay for a long time” and “a village with culture and relaxation” were derived to build a brand of “Seorae Village” in Petite France in Seoul.

Seorae Village

BX/BI Guide System/Public Design

Client.   Seocho-gu, Seoul

Executive Director.   Public design team
Creative Director.   Kang doeun

Year.   2019

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