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Seoriful Festival

BX / BI Guide System / Public Design

The Seoripul Festival, which began in 2015, is one of the "worldly Seocho-gu Symbolic Festivals" that now bring more than 70,000 visitors and 10 billion won in economic fallout. However, the brand identity of the 'Seoripul Festival' has not been clearly established for about four years from 2015 to the present, and it has been analyzed that the results of the design application such as typeface, color, poster, sign material, stage , T-shirt, and name-tech are not probable and result in weakening the brand image. To improve these problems, we launched this branding project to redefine the identity and nature of the Seoripul Festival in 2019 and to integrate the overall design.

Analysis of the problems of the Seoripul Festival

​Seoliful Festival is "one of the world's symbol festivals in Seocho-gu", which started in 2015 and currently has more than 70,000 visitors and an economic ripple effect of more than 10 billion won. However, for about 4 years from 2015 to the present, the brand identity that shows the identity of the 'Seoripul Festival' has not been clearly established. It was analyzed that the results were not probable and resulted in weakening the brand image. In order to improve these problems, we have launched this  branding project to redefine the identity and essence of the 2019 Seoripul Festival and integrate the overall design.

Identity reconstruction through integrated branding

As above, the symbolism and recognition of the 'Seoripul Festival' was analyzed to be high, but the short-term and reckless design development made the design identity vague and the probability and ripple effect gradually weakened. In order to solve these problems, this project tried to identify the essence of the festival, establish a concept and identity that can encompass the whole, and derive guidelines. In this regard, we reinterpreted the essence and meaning to approach an integrated branding strategy that can be applied continuously and in a variety of ways. The integrated branding concept and keywords of the design are  , which means "to present the joy of Seocho-gu" and the keyword "gift" to make a font by applying ribbons and strings. There are two types, vertical and horizontal, and it is a logo with a flexible identity that can be expanded and changed in various ways. The main color is intense red, and colors can be applied to suit various contents for each season.

Seoliful Festival

BX/BI Guide System/Public Design

Client.   Seocho-gu, Seoul

Executive Director.   Seocho-gu Urban design team
Creative Director.   Kang doeun

Year.   2019

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