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Client: itmBros
Date: 2023 - 2024

Key Summary

- Professional solution & consulting service

- service capable of solving social problems

- Responsible for everyone's safety and happiness

Brand essence & value

Concept & design keywords

Symbol design

Logo-type design

Signature design

Brand color system

Motive design

Pattern design

Graphic design

Application design

Brand guidelines

By. Design Astrein®

++_대지 1.jpg


After the sinking of the Ferry Sewol in 2014, Korea's largest casualty accident was recorded as an accident at the Itaewon Halloween Festival on October 29, 2022. Such disasters and safety accidents continue to occur in crowded places not only in Korea but also around the world. In response, HIS C&S promoted this project to establish its identity and visual design as a company and brand that prevents accidents using AI technology and advanced expertise in advance in order to realize a safe and happy public society and create a life that citizens can enjoy with confidence.

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